Extreme Environments

Person in an Extreme EnvironmentAll Integral HSE employees and associate consultant come from a back ground of mountaineering and Antarctic field operations. The experience gained working in such a hostile climate has proved to be equally valuable when applied elsewhere, as can be seen from the diverse range of services we know offer.

Whether you need it to film sports cars in the Icelandic winter, operate a base at the North Pole or carry out an Asbestos survey in Antarctica, we have the knowledge and experience to do it. Our success stems from a pragmatic approach to problem solving and an ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Self-reliance, self-sufficiency and adaptability are our hallmarks. We regularly operate in small groups based from temporary camps in inaccessible areas and often have to be responsible for all our communications, medical and safety needs. We are equally at home working as part of small research teams with specialist needs or large commercial operations with multiple aims.

Extreme Environments Gallery

Here are a few images from some of our work in research, film making with Warner Bros on a James Bond film and more….