Training Solutions

Training is the first step towards competence. Good quality training of employees and employers is a foundation stone of a modern health and safety management system.Integral HSE are a leading provider of health and safety training in many of the technical areas that are traditionally hard to source such as the control of hazardous substances (COSHH) and explosive atmospheres (DSEAR). Training is available either ‘off the shelf’ or customised to our client’s needs.

Bespoke training is usually developed in close cooperation with our clients, often following on-site experience of the client’s issues. Client specific issues and photographic material can then be integrated into the training presentations. Training is provided both in-house and at conveniently located venues for public courses.

Highest Training Standards

All our training is presented to the highest standards by lecturers who know their subjects from the ground up and are acknowledged experts in their field.We are able to offer IOSH accredited training in many of our key area and we are an approved supplier of British Occupational Hygiene Society course. These courses are presented by Integral HSE to as set syllabus and are examined and certificated by the accreditation body.

Case Study 1

Transport for London


Transport for London had identified a need for COSHH Training. This training had to fully integrate with their current online Sypol COSHH Management System. The training was to be in depth and practically orientated relation to its target audience of London Underground maintenance and trackside personnel.


A two day Competent COSHH Risk Assessment training course was developed based on Integral HSE’s extensive experience of the application of COSHH training in the engineering environment. The training was fully compatible with the company’s current COSHH management software. The training included extensive assessment of delegates to ensure that there competence was demonstrable.

Resulting Changes

Employees responsible for COSHH risk assessments now have the confidence and competence to impute relevant information into their COSHH Management System and the ability to identify anomalies that may occur in the resulting assessments.

Case Study 2

The Environment Agency


Sira Consulting needed to develop a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment course suitable for Industrial Stack Emissions Monitoring personnel. This was required to be compliant with the MCERT Scheme and the course was ideally to be approved both by IOSH and the Environment Agency.


Following an extensive on site information and material gathering exercises a suitable training course was developed benefiting considerably from our considerable in house experience of these work environments. We undertook to have the course endorsed by the Environment Agency and approved by IOSH who act as the certification body. As a result the Environment Agency have adopted this course for their internal training of stack emission enforcement officers.

Resulting Changes

As a result of this on-going training is an acknowledged increase in the awareness of a wide variety of health and safety issues throughout the whole industry sector.