Safety Management

  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Inspections
  • Auditing
  • Working at Heights Risk Assessment
  • Extreme Environments
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Work Equipment Risk Assessment
  • Electrical installation and practices risk assessment
  • Guidance in the practices of CE marking

Integral HSE provides consultancy services to a very wide range of clients throughout most industry sectors. From film shoots in Iceland to the desert of Oman we have the knowledge you need. Our clients come to us when they have a problem to solve and are looking for innovative solutions to often high risk workplace issues based on genuine hands on knowledge of their work environment. Our consultants are frequently leaders in their field, actively involved in national legislation and highly respected members of the health and safety community.

Working on either a simplistic day rate approach through to a contracted programme of work, our full range of services are directly tailored to the client’s needs. We can propose programmes of site inspection, safety committee management, policy generation and problem solving through to accident investigation and claims support.
In every case the relationships are built on a personal level, where reliability, discretion and quality form the foundations of our service.

Case Study 1

Chemical Plant at Sunset


A stack emission monitoring business were aware of their responsibilities under the Working at Height Regulations to provide a safe means of access when ascending vertical ladders on chimney stacks. In addition, they were concerned about their lack of planning for emergencies and rescue should an incident occur while working on an isolated work platform.


Following several site visits to establish the scope and extent of their issues our team of highly experienced access specialists were able to identify a suitable, commercially available, temporary personal protection system. Employees were then trained in an appropriate safe system of work which allowed them to move freely on vertical ladders while remaining anchored at all times.

Resulting Changes

The outcome of this project is that the risk of falls has been drastically reduced with a minimal increase in on site work time. In addition the company is now able to promote themselves as one of the safest in the business.

Case Study 2

Extreme Environments in The Arctic


Geo Mission were planning to organise a scientific expedition to the high Arctic. The needed to locate a research camp on the sea ice with all the associated problems of the extreme climate (-40°C), ice break up, and the possibility of polar bear attack. As well as the scientific personal, the camp would also be the home to visiting inexperienced journalist and film crew receiving their first polar experience.


Our teams extensive experience of working in extreme environments, such as the cold polar regions, allowed us to take on the role of Base Camp Manager responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all those operating from the science camp. Safety critical tasks included ice and weather observations, maintenance of bear perimeters and defensive weaponry, logistics coordination, essential equipment maintenance, survival training for all camp residents and maintenance of a programme of continuous supervision for those least experienced to the polar environment.

Resulting Changes

The science program was able to proceed successfully without injury or ill-health both that year and in subsequent years.