Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

Local Exhaust VentilationIntegral HSE’s highly qualified and experienced LEV engineers can guide you every step of the journey from the initial identification of a need for LEV to the detailed management of systems already in place.

  • Performance specification for new systems
  • Detailed LEV design service
  • Partnership service with proven reliable fabricators
  • Commissioning
  • Initial appraisal
  • Thorough examination and textRoutine maintenance checks
  • Pre use checks
  • Development of an LEV management system
  • Training of all individuals involved in the process from design engineer to user.

Paul Ramsden, Integral HSE’s senior consultant, is a founder member and Vice President of the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers.

Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers

The Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers has been formed to promote the Science, Understanding, Education, Art and Practice of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineering. The Mission is to provide safely controlled working environments, free from harmful airborne contaminants by:-

  • Providing its members and the public with first class information
  • Providing a career path for Engineers in Local Exhaust Ventilation to full professional Registration
  • Maintaining and Enhancing professional excellence throughout by developing and accrediting courses of study
  • Providing a membership designation FILEVE, MILEVE, AILEVE etc. as a credential giving others evidence of demonstrated knowledge and skills
  • Setting the criteria for best practice in the profession
  • Speaking for and representing the profession

The Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) is being developed under the umbrella of CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers) and aims to provide a higher profile and focus For Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers.

Paul also acted as IOSH’s representative on the HSE stakeholder group responsible for the development of HSG258 ‘Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work’. This book provides guidance on the supply of new Local Exhaust Equipment (LEV). It describes the principles and good practice of deciding on, designing, commissioning and testing cost-effective LEV. Paul is an accredited BOHS training provider and can provide the following BOHS Courses:

  • P601 Thorough Examination and Test of LEV Systems
  • P602 Basic Design Principles of LEV systems
  • P604 Performance Evaluation and Management of LEV Systems
  • W201 Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene